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For those late to the party
the NYT:

Wednesday, January 22th 2003, 7:11AM
An escapee from a Tennessee prison pleaded guilty to murder yesterday, admitting on tape he slit the throat of a Brooklyn psychologist after a kinky sex session went awry.
Jonathan Cardwell, 23, escaped a possible life sentence in the murder of Taite Walkonen, 51, a former concert pianist and NYU professor who was bound and stabbed to death in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, on July 12, 1999.
In a deal struck over prosecutors' objections, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Plummer Lott promised Cardwell a sentence of 25 years to life for pleading guilty to first-degree murder in the sordid case.
Cardwell admitted his crimes calmly in court yesterday.
In a tearful audiotaped statement accepted as evidence, he told police he was a drifter who went to the victim's house expecting to be paid for sex.
Distasteful last meal
Cardwell said things got out of hand when Walkonen poured urine into food and drinks and then served them to Cardwell and punk rocker Jared (Spike) Errington, a tenant of Walkonen's.
"This guy was crazy in his own way!" Cardwell said in the tape. "We were on dope. He was cooking spaghetti and he had a cup in his hand, and when I looked again it was empty! The food tasted like piss was in it."
Cardwell said he met Errington, who is serving 15 years for robbery in the incident, when he wandered into Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan after escaping a Tennessee prison where he was serving six years for theft. Broke and high, he went to Walkonen's home after Errington asked him if he "wanted to make some money."
Sex antics turn deadly
Cardwell said the two tied Walkonen to a weightlifting bench with telephone wire and that Errington slapped Walkonen on the back, saying, "Bad doggie!"
"He was in a sexual state of mind, and we were playing along with it," he said.
But the pair got angry when a laughing Walkonen admitted he had urinated in the food.
Errington seized a knife and slammed Walkonen on the head with a pan. The men demanded money, and Walkonen gave them $1,400, Cardwell said.
"I was like, 'Let's go,' " he said, but Errington responded, 'He's going to rat on us. You got to kill him, man, because we're going to die.' I picked his head up, and I cut his throat. He starts gargling real loud. Spike takes the knife, and he starts stabbing him in the back."
Defense lawyer Joyce David painted Cardwell as a lost soul who was physically and sexually abused as a child. Prosecutors had wanted to try him in the hope of a obtaining a life sentence.

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Here is the Daily News account of the tale presented here by anonymous :

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Jared Spike Errington arrested Dec 16th at 905 am at the 120th in Staten Island,Ny on charges threatening to kill his wife..out on Bail at this time..once again!

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Public records seem to confirm the date of arrest and location . The records show a "Top Charge " of misdemeanor aggravated harrassment in 2nd degree and is also presented as a domestic violence case .Arrest date 16 Dec 2010 .An order of protection was issued .

$1000 in cash paid to walk till next appearance in court 4 January 2011

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