Friday, November 26, 2010

Once Upon a Time at Ray's


Melanie said...

Bob--when was this taken??I want a $1.25 falafel please. Have you seen Marlene??Haven't seen her for about 2 weeks.

Bob Arihood said...

Close to 15 years ago Melanie.He was smiling back then

Marlene is in jail somewhere . About a month ago she was seen arguinging over a parking space on avenue A. She was standing in the space drinking and an elderly man wanteed to park his car in the space .

Marlene broke the mans windshield with her beer bottle , cutting the man in the process .

the man was taken to the hospital and Marlene ran . Police found her at 7A restaurant hiding . We were told that it took 5 cops to take her down . She was sent to Belleview for psychiatric observation .

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