Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amy at Work


Anonymous said...

The details your leica M1 captures are galvanic .I wish I had the cake to buy one myself.Please stay healthy and keep up this outstanding work as a modern day Berenice Abbott.

Bob Arihood said...

though I often use a Leica M9 for pictures for this blog the image of Amy here was created using a new very, very small Canon Powersshot S95 .This camera is as are several of the small point -and-shoot cameras , very good at making high quality images .

To know what kind of camera was used to create a specific image , right click on the image , a panel will drop down and at the bottom of that panel click on properties . The properties panel will indicate the kind of camera that was used . Lxxxxx is Leica , IMGxxxx is Canon , EPSNxxx is Epson R-D1 and GRVxxxxis a Canon 1 DMk II

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