Friday, March 4, 2011

Shackled and Cuffed , Fell in the Ambulance


Tom Terrific said...

Man this dude needs to be locked up and they need to throw away the key. What a waste of skin.

Anonymous said...

"Mother of God, is this the end of Rico?"

Kris Flashh said...

Those lips are made for kissing... Amy.
So gross.
Babies starve in Africa; enough of this putz already.

chris flash said...

Hey "Kris" -- Amy doesn't kiss those junkie lips, you dope!!

But I do agree with you: enough of this piece of shit wasting precious resources like ambulances, hospital beds, medical attention, etc. What galls me is that the city subsidizes his junkie boozing lifestyle AND gives him a FREE cell phone with renewed minutes each month that he uses to make harassing and threatening calls. This parasite is an affront to those of us who WORK for a living!!

Tom said...

Why are you guys all harshing on my man Jewels? If you don't like footing the bill for all the stuff for him, vote Republican. It's not his fault the City offers all these services, he's just taking advantage of what's out there. His lip looks like it's been sewed back together, are those stitches?

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