Friday, February 4, 2011

Fresh Out of Bellevue with Shorts , One Shoe and A Smoke


Anonymous said...

really sad that RAY'S is the focal point for this .. Must be hard to run a store the City needs to put a OUTREACH WORKER around the Hood, to help these people

Bob Arihood said...

Its been this way for years and its not just at Ray's that there are problems .Avenue A ,Tomkpkins Square Park , any business and any stoop or doorway near the park are situated in a little "New Bedlam" .

The mental hospitals have effectively dumped troubled souls such as pictured in the area around Ray's for years .

The folks released from the prison systems ,state and local , regularly find TSP to be thier first stop after incarceration . TSP is one of the major re-entry points for many returning to civilian society .Many of these recently released individuals find TSP to be a favorable environment and stay . .

The man pictured in this post was completely clothed earlier in the day . What happened to his clothes I do not know .

The next morning he exposed himself to the children in the playground . Some of the park regulars beat him for that and then the cops and an ambulance took him away .

the park regulars beat him in part because he was doing something that they considered morally wrong but they also beat him because he was drawing unwanted attention to folks who spent thier days inthe park .

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