Sunday, February 13, 2011

L.E.S. Jewels Displays What Rmains of His Staphylococcus Aureus Infection


Anonymous said...

Keep it clean or you will lose that leg Somehow he must have NO respect for himself The booze does not help

Yeast Infection said...
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Xinefoto said...

Such a beautiful portrait. Sad and haunting. I feel like behind all the show and drama of Jewels, this captures a bit of who he must be inside.


Bob Arihood said...

Well , Xtine he had made a big thing of his Staph infection and the pain .Supposedly huge open unhealing festering puss-filled sores .Some suspected from his tales that he had MRSA . He claimed that he had been several times compelled to walk AMA from the hospital because he needed a drink though he needed to stay for all the special care .

It was never all so serious . The infection wasn't nearly so serious and doctors didn't want him around .they certainly didn't give him extra pain killers because he wasn't in such great pain .

Knowing this perhaps changes one's view of the picture .A hustler is a hustler .

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